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C# Type Generation

Class generation is common technique that empowers tools like LINQPad and SvcPerf.
Here are the steps to build a simple console tool for class generation:
  • In VS, create console application called EtwEventTypeGen
  • Remove all references except System
  • Click Add References, Manage NuGet packages
  • Select "Include Prerelease" for the dropdown and search for Tx.*

Install Tx.Windows.TypeGeneration

Copy from the Tx sample traces and manifests in bin\Debug and type the following code:

The component ManifestParser can read:
  • Self contained .etl files produced when you use EventSource for tracing
  • Manifests generated from assemblies like the above
  • Manually written manifests
  • Manifests exported with tracerpt.exe
    • example: tracerpt -export HTTP_Server.etl
  • Manifests for Classic providers, exported as above (here the authoritative metadata was WMI)
Here is example of the class that gets generated for EventId = 2:

  • The type system is simplified: e.g. both Unicode and ASCII strings are both mapped to "string"
  • The extra mapping details are encoded in the attribute
Finally, to get more useful tool that handles command arguments you can copy the code for EtwEventTypeGen

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